Quench Vent Systems


We offer complete QUENCH VENT  from the MRI Unit connection to the termination point outside. Every QUENCH VENT SYSTEMS is custom built to the manufacturer’s specifications. Quench-Air has safely and cost effectively provided vent systems for MRI units manufactured by G.E., Siemens, Toshiba, Phillips & Hitachi. We can engineer a Quench Vent system for helium gas evacuation from any new or existing MRI machine. We can produce, from contract drawings, a completely bolted system, which utilizes gaskets & flanges eliminating field welding.

quench vent systems



• Quench Vent Pipe

• Quench Vent Flanges

• Quench Vent Stacks

• Quench Vent Bellows

• Quench Vent Discharge Plenums

• Custom Quench Vent Elbows

• Quench Vent Special Flanges

• Quench Vent Goosenecks

• Quench Vent Gaskets

• Custom Quench vent 1/4 Scale Drawings


Nations leading Quench Vent Manufacturer with over

150 systems completed in 2016.

  • Successful projects shipped to 5 different continents
  • Immediate Engineering, Submittal and Customer support
  • Engineered Quench Vent systems to eliminate field welding
  • 24 Hr. Quench System Quotes and same day shipping on many items.
  • Customer service available after hours.
  • Ability to customize any Quench System Fabrication arrangement
  • In-house CAD ¼ scale drawings for field verification
quench vent systems

quench vent systems